Intimate Waxing for Women

Intimate waxing is now one of the most popular treatments offered by Smooth Touch. Women from all walks of life and all ages are enjoying the improved looks and enhanced sensual feeling that intimate waxing brings. Once women have experienced the benefits of intimate waxing – also known as Hollywood and Brazilian – they find they much prefer being hair free and go on to maintain a regular regime of intimate hair removal. In fact, some women find they like the look and the feeling of being hair free so much they have decided there is no going back and have opted for our Kona LHE permanent hair removal treatment. Thus saving money in the long-term, as well as being truly hair free without the hair re-growth that is inevitable with waxing.

Special training and special products are needed for intimate waxing

Because we are treating a sensitive area of the body, specialist skills and waxing products are required. A therapist with only the basic strip waxing skills cannot offer a proper intimate waxing treatment and more than likely will cause unnecessary pain as well as patchy results. Perron Rigot LogoFor waxing intimate areas we use Perron Rigot hot wax. This is the premier hot wax developed in France especially for use in the more intimate body areas.



Axiom Certified

Our therapist is a graduate of the Axiom Academy whose training and qualifications are specifically aimed at intimate waxing. She now has several years experience in this area and this has enabled Smooth Touch to source and refine the most beneficial waxing products, which include two after-care creams (at no extra cost). The first cools and soothes the skin, the second has been shown to inhibit in-growing hairs. Axiom logo Smooth Touch therapists are Axiom Certified See our Prices.

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