Male Body Hair Reduction

When Rob contacted Smooth Touch he was desperate. Having endured years of covering up in the sun because of his acute embarrassment about his hairy back and chest.

Before and two months after 6 treatments.

kona-male-chest-before-1 kona-male-chest-after-1
kona-male-chest-before-2 kona-male-chest-after-2

Rob was not expecting a miracle cure and appreciated that such a large body area would take some time to treat. Rob has had six treatments so far, to permanantly reduce the hair on his back and chest and while he still has hair on his body, it is now much more sparsely covered and the hair is far finer, as can be seen in the before and after pictures. Free Consultation We offer a free consultation  to help you decide if permanent hair removal is right for you. 

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