Are you ready for permanent hair removal?

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Making a decision about how best to remove unwanted hair is daunting. There are many options and it can be hard to know what to choose for the best: waxing, depilation creams, plucking, bleaching or shaving. All of these options can have unwanted side effects and they only last for a few weeks at most.

Deciding to leave behind the routine of waxing, shaving or messy depilation creams is even more daunting, but making the decision to remove your unwanted hair permanently could be the best decision you ever make! Giving you freedom from tedious temporary hair removal – and saving you time and money in the long-term. For long-lasting results and no more hassle permanent hair removal is the only option.

Permanent hair removal has traditionally only been possible using electrolysis or lasers. Electrolysis means that  each hair has to be treated individually and as a needle is used it is invasive! It is also  very time consuming, not to mention expensive!  Whereas Lazers will only really treat dark coloured hair. There is now an alternative to electrolysis and laser hair removal. Using the latest SHR technology a system called SKINPULSE e-motion.  suitable for removing facial and body hair. SHR is the alternative to laser hair removal and electrolysis for quickly and safely removing unwanted hair.

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Super Hair Removal (SHR) uses low energy light via rapid pulses to safely traumatize the stem cells of any unwanted hair, helping prevent any regrowth. Compared to older, traditional hair removal treatments that use Laser and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), Super Hair Removal (SHR) is faster, gentler and more effective.

SHR technology is also unique in that it targets hair via its melanin (colour), and also via the skin to reach the hair follicles.

Research has shown that a slower, but longer heating process is considerably more effective for permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation, than high short level bursts of energy.  Therefore the SHR is passed over the skin 6-10 times (in motion) using low energy but with a high rate or repetition instead of using the traditional method with single high-energy impulses. Thus, the melanin as well as the tissue of the stem cells is heated with low energy at a slow pace and over a longer period of time (90 seconds) to a comfortable temperature of 45 degrees Celsius.  SHR therefore enables  treatment of blonde and in part even white hair given that the hair pigment and skin tissue is targeted.

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