Cheaper than waxing

Permanent hair removal is much cheaper than waxing.  No really, it is, it’s true!

Everyone likes a bargain and these days we’re all watching the pennies extra carefully. So it’s even more important to avoid false economies. We often get clients very interested in Permanent Hair Removal (PHR) and keen to go ahead – until we mention the cost. Then it’s  ‘Thanks, but I think I’ll take the waxing’. Well I’ve known all along that’s a false economy so I sat down one evening to work it out*.

Let’s take a 30 year old woman, or man. If they opt for waxing they are going to have to have regular treatment about every month, and they’re going to have to keep that up for around 30 years.

Permanent Hair Removal takes from 8 to 10 treatments on average and… that’s it. The clue is in the name – Permanent.

So in less than a year you’re done. Never mind about the massive savings you make in money – what about the time saved! If we visit you you’re looking at around 30mins per session, if you visit our salon there’s the journey time too.

So a 10 session PHR treatment at home means 5 hours of your life and that’s it, no more. Ever. Waxing? Well how about 180 hours? Yes that’s right – the equivalent of nearly five working weeks.

Have a look at these examples below and I’m sure you’ll think again about Permanent Hair Removal.

masive savings on permanent hair removal

*I made these assumptions; that someone has regular waxing every 4 weeks over 30 year period, and that 10 PHR treatments will be enough to complete the hair removal ( some people may need more than this).

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