Intimate Waxing

Intimate Waxing for men and women

Intimate waxing is often the most daunting waxing for anyone to have done! Most people may have been thinking about having this treatment done for some time before taking the plunge and booking an appointment.

Many are nervous the first time, we totally understand this and do our best to make you feel less anxious and relaxed. However once you have had your first treatment and experienced the silky smooth hair free feeling you will become a convert. Waxing simply gives you a much smoother feeling than hair removal by shaving or creams, and lasts a great deal longer, up to at least 4 weeks – and for some a great deal more than that.

For waxing your most intimate areas we use Perron Rigot wax. This wax has been developed over a number of years in France specially for waxing intimate areas. We use this specialist wax for Hollywood and Brazilian waxing. It is far more comfortable than other waxes, giving a superior result every time.

Hollywood Couples

We are sometimes asked by clients booking a Hollywood or Brazilian waxing whether it’s alright to bring their partner with them (to our treatment room), possibly to provide some moral support or simply to observe and share the waxing experience. This is absolutely fine with us and what’s more, if both partners book an intimate wax during the same visit, we will discount 10% from the total price!

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