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Permanent Hair Removal

We offer a flexible pricing structure, dependent upon the amount of hair you have to be removed, and all treatments are priced individually*

Prices are from £40 per area treated

Guide Costs for Permanent Hair Removal

Female Upper Lip and Chin: £40 – £80 per treatment

Female Bikini Line: £80 – £120 per treatment

Male Back: £150 – £250 per treatment (medium to dense full back)

*for a quotation for your individual treatment please contact us book a FREE consultation ..

Skin Rejuvenation

Prices are flexible dependant upon which treatment you require, and your individual price will be discussed during your FREE consultation.

However to provide a guide: Prices start from as little as £20 and a maximum of £200 per treatment.


Prices start from £20 and are dependant upon the area to be treated

Female Waxing

Eyebrows                £10

Upper Lip or Chin   £15

Lip & Jawline          £15

Underarms            £20

Half Legs               £25

Full Legs                £35

Intimate Waxing for Women

Bikini Line            £15

Brazilian              £22

Hollywood           £25

Male Waxing

Eyebrows            £12

Chest                 £25

Stomach            £15

Front Torso        £30 – £45

Shoulders          £15

Back Torso        £30 – £45

Underarms        £20

Legs        from  £40

Feet or hands    £10

Intimate Waxing for Men

Speedo Line        £12 – £18

Buttocks             £20 – £30

Basic Brazilian(all hairs from speedo line, scrotum & penis removed)   £30 – £40

Full Brazilian (all hairs from speedo line, scrotum, penis and buttock crack removed)   £40 – £50

Basic Hollywood (all frontal pubic hair including sac removed)  £40 – £50

Full Hollywood (all front hair and buttock crack removed)  £55 – £65

Buttock Crack  £20


Payment by cash, bank transfer in advance or at appointment.

Clients are kindly asked to give 24 hours notice for a cancellation or the appointment fee will be charged.

To find out more or book an appointment please use our contact form,  phone me on 01732 763250/07740289928 or email me to get in touch.