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Permanent Hair Removal

We offer a flexible pricing structure, dependent upon the amount of hair you have to be removed, and all treatments are priced individually*

Prices are from £40 per area treated

Guide Costs for Permanent Hair Removal

Female Upper Lip and Chin: £40 – £80 per treatment

Female Bikini Line: £80 – £120 per treatment

Male Back: £150 – £250 per treatment (medium to dense full back)

*for a quotation for your individual treatment please contact us book a FREE consultation (worth £65).

Skin Rejuvenation

Prices are flexible dependant upon which treatment you require, and your individual price will be discussed during your FREE consultation.

However to provide a guide: Prices start from as little as £20 and a maximum of £100 per treatment.


Prices start from £15 and are dependant upon the area to be treated

Female Waxing

Eyebrows                £8

Upper Lip or Chin   £10

Lip & Jawline          £12

Underarms            £12

Half Legs               £20

Full Legs                £30

Intimate Waxing for Women

Bikini Line            £15

Brazilian              £22

Hollywood           £25

Male Waxing

Eyebrows            £12

Chest                 £25

Stomach            £15

Front Torso        £30 – £45

Shoulders          £15

Back Torso        £30 – £45

Underarms        £15

Legs        from  £40

Feet or hands    £10

Intimate Waxing for Men

Speedo Line        £12 – £18

Buttocks             £20 – £30

Basic Brazilian(all hairs from speedo line, scrotum & penis removed)   £30 – £40

Full Brazilian (all hairs from speedo line, scrotum, penis and buttock crack removed)   £40 – £50

Basic Hollywood (all frontal pubic hair including sac removed)  £40 – £50

Full Hollywood (all front hair and buttock crack removed)  £55 – £65

Buttock Crack  £20


For all home treatments beyond a 10-mile radius of Sevenoaks we charge an additional £10 for travel costs.

Payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque only.

Clients are kindly asked to give 24 hours notice for a cancellation or the appointment fee will be charged.

To find out more or book an appointment please use our contact form,  phone me on 01732 763250 or email me to get in touch.