Which type of hair removal is best for me?

Comparison of Hair Removal, & Skin Rejuvenation Technologies

LHE, Laser, IPL. All this jargon. What do they actually do? Which is the best one for me? Here’s our hopefully easy chart to help you understand what the different systems do and see which is best for you.

Disclaimer! We use LHE and we think it’s the best (well we would wouldn’t we ).



IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

LHE (Light, Heat & Energy)

Advantages for client


Variable wavelengths –

A few applications on the same device

Single wavelength – Different devices for different applications

Variable wavelength 350 – 1200 nm, determined by specific clinical applications wavelength

Ease of application by technician, no need for protective googles to be worn by client.

Spot Sizes

Larger spot sizes –

up to 8 cm2

small spot sizes –

up to 2 cm2


Big spot sizes;

Standard: 12 cm2

Extra Large: 18 cm2

Larger spot sizes mean much quicker treatments – a massive plus for customers.

Treatment Energy

20-50 J/cm2

50-200 J/cm2

4-15 J/cm2

Lower energy means less risk of any side affect such as redness, burning, scarring etc.


Requires –

skin cooling

lamp cooling

Requires –

skin cooling

lamp cooling

No need for skin cooling or lamp cooling

No need for application of cooling gels before treatments. Minimal discomfort compared with IPL or Lasers machines.

Ease of use

Need for high expertise to operate (some devices)

Big, difficult to operate., High level of experience

Simple operation – intensity adjustment only

Ease of application – shorter treatment time for customers.

Side Effects

Some side effects

Many side effects

Reduced side effects (LHE® can be used for all skin types)

Minimal risk of any side effects, whatsoever.